We spend 90% of our lives indoors and just around 6% outdoors. General perception is that indoors is ‘safe’ from air pollutants and there is no need to worry about air quality.

Can design help raise awareness of air pollution and help improve the users’ health and well-being?

Nearly 9.500 people die early each year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution, more than twice as many as the previous year (2015) according to new research. The premature deaths are due to two key pollutants: Particulate matter (indoor) and toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (outdoor).

The project aim was to design a product which could be used in a small flat or a house with multiple rooms to purify the air.

Purity is a small portable air purifier, which is designed for personal use. It has a rechargeable battery which allows the user to bring the purifier where needed. Purity can be connected via mobile app. The app allows the the user to control the purifier and check live feedback of the air quality at home.



Phase is a bathroom light designed exclusively for Marset, a lighting company based in Barcelona.
The light design features a mirror which comes in two colours – bronze and silver. It comes in two finishes and colours – matt white and matt black, but also it can be customised depending on the user’s needs or the bathroom interior.
Behind the mirror there is a LED panel which can be rotated 360 degrees, which allows the user to adjust the amount of light without the use of a dimmer. The light can be used as a task light or as a mood light in the bathroom.