Bodhi Seat


Bodhi seeds are widely used for making traditional Buddhist prayer beads,people frequently touch the beads with their hands and the secretion from human skin made the beads luster like jade. This kind of mutually beneficial relationship between human and natural material has been diluted by resource depletion and the overuse of synthetics in the throwaway society.

By combining bio-resin with the waste material from Buddhist prayer beads production, using the advantages of both, a kind of sustainable and malleable material with natural beauty has been created.  Based on using this material, BodhiSeat is designed to allow the user to not only can feel the closeness from its natural appearance, but also can help to correct their sitting posture while encouraging a sustainable lifestyle with its special rocking feature. The 2 types of flat-packed stool leg design offer the choices of western and eastern style to user, and also the conveniences to its production, transportation and storage.



Sitting is the smoking of our generation, especially for office workers, long periods of sitting, bad posture habits and stresses from work are affecting their physical and mental health. Based on the life course perspective, all the cumulative problems from early in our lives can fundamentally influence how we age.

MindSit is a smart seat designed to engineer posture & mental health problems out of the aging office worker’s life. The built-in sensors and inflating system assist user to sit more comfortably and to monitor their postures with its companion app. By adding the adjustable footrest, it can also guide the user to learn and to practice the crossed-leg meditation on ordinary chairs, in order to help them to relieve pain, reduce stress and restore their well-being gradually.