A Chess Block


This is a redesigned chess and bricks game. Inspired by Furoshiki, the chessboard can also be used as packaging or even gift wrapping. By pulling the rope, which is hidden in the corner, the chessboard can quickly turn into a small bag to simplify carriage and storage. The shape of the bricks are redesigned. Based on each pieces’ original story they were put into a geometric shape. This allows the pieces to smartly build a block when combined together, which is practical for transport and packaging. The concept of Chess Block is to let the packaging become a part of the actual product. Additionally, the material for manufacture consists of waste recycled wood chips, cotton and linen.  The printing technology used is also environmental friendly, making the Chess Block a sustainable design.

Circle Collection


Personal space is defined as the region surrounding a person, which he/she psychologically regards as his/her own. People want to keep themselves at a safe distance from others when being in a public space. Hence, these are standing sets, designed for the purpose of a short stay in a public place. The individual can stand in a circle base with light colour, which is a metaphor representing one’s own private domain. It serves as a boundary and implies that the space within the circle is private. This collection consists of standing stools,  standing tables and standing backs. According to each one’s specific need, users can choose amongst them and enjoy both a short rest or some urgent work in this temporary private space.