Around 42% of bulky waste in the UK is furniture, this is around 670,000 tonnes per year. With mass production, furniture got more affordable but the quality decreased simultaneously. These two facts result in a weaker emotional bond between people and their belongings. Chairs, wardrobe, tables…became bulky furniture with no value, leading people to leave them behind with no regrets if broken or stained, to follow a new trends or when moving out. Indeed, replacing them with new ones seems to be a quicker and easier way to deal with it. 

This phenomenon increases over-consumption and waste. Professor J.Chapman, studying the concept of emotionally durable design, explains that ‘Waste is nothing more than symptomatic of a failed user/object relationship, where insufficient empathy led to the perfunctory dumping of one by the other.’ Nowadays, there is a need for mutual evolution between the consumer and the consumed.

FYR aims to respond to this new essential need, by involving and evolving with its user. FYR is a flat packed chair that can easily be assembled and disassembled, with possibilities to change the sitting part (color, texture, quality) at the user’s will. FYR is thus easy to carry around and follow the user’s taste and budget over time. There is no reason to ever leave it behind.

Shapable Screen


Working in public spaces can lead to a lack of privacy over one's work. Distractions are everywhere around making it harder to keep focused. It has been proved that a minimalist workspace is best for concentration. Following those 3 essential points, I designed hm19, a shapable screen. The Shapable Screen enables its users to instantly create an uncluttered and efficient working atmosphere. The design is carefully thought through to make the experience enjoyable for both users of the screen and people around in the working area: It is not obstructing the view of people walking around, its bright color keeps the space light and its easily shapable structure adapts to any kind of situation. Hm19 lives in perfect harmony with its users.