In collaboration with BA Interaction Design Stage 3 Tatiana Ermolaeva, visualising what the future of communication and furniture will be.

We have designed a lamp devised to sense the light in an environment. A lamp in which sends light information to another lamp wirelessly, allowing the user to see the presence of the other user’s space.

The project focuses on expressing the literature meaning of ‘periphery’ and ‘light in the space’. The lamp describes the presence of the light in a space by automatically adjusting its brightness to what it senses. To describe the different intensities of light needs shadow and surface where the light can project. It is inspired from an image that looked at the glowing light inside the window. 

The prediction being that future furniture will be a mixture of digital, and at the same time keeping the natural common sense.

Humble Light


The project concentrates on the characteristic of the relationship between people who scoot and the pedestrians on the pavement. Fast moving scooters are somewhat unwelcome to the pedestrians, because of their uncanny presence.

Also, there are no suitable lights in the market for a scooter. Although there are bike lights that can be fitted into the scooter, those lights tend to hurt pedestrian’s vision because of the straight direct beams designed for the road.

As they usually ride on alleys where the light is less visible on the pavement, and have to co-exist with pedestrians. This Humble light considers the characteristic of a scooter user. It is simply a push button turn on and off, and easy to install to any on scooters using silicone rubber band. The light heads down to the ground, brightens the vision of rider and not hurting pedestrian’s eyes.